Whitney’s Transformation

By February 16, 2018Success Stories

Before joining TFW Boone, Whitney’s life was comfortably uncomfortable. She wasn’t happy with where she was physically or mentally, but the idea of pushing herself in a new way, stepping outside of her comfort zone, was scary.

Whitney suffers from a condition known as Pseudotumor Cerebri that is linked to obesity and causes debilitating headaches as well as the risk it could eventually cause blindness. The more weight she carried, the worse her symptoms.

But beyond that threat, her weight was stopping her from being the person all the people in her life that she cared about needed her to be. The day she couldn’t get on the floor to play with her daughter anymore was a heartbreaking moment which propelled her forward.

Carrying around the extra weight she had on her body meant that even walking was uncomfortable; she wondered how she would ever survive in group exercise classes. She felt self conscious, and terrified, but she knew deep inside that she had to take that first step toward making a change. So she called TFW Boone.

Whitney came to her meeting with a coach feeling overwhelmed and expecting to hear details about training and class structure. What she got instead was a personalized evaluation of her body and her goals; one that left her with a sense of ease and growing confidence that she could take on this step and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

As she left the dojo, Whitney realized “it wasn’t going to be the last time I would be seeing them. I decided in that moment, that I needed to do this for myself. I needed to go outside of my comfort zone and just do this.”

And once she stepped into TFW Boone and outside of her comfort zone, Whitney never looked back on her old habits.

She has now been training for a year and half and has lost 93 pounds of fat and gained 23 pounds of muscle, and feels like a “badass!”

Whitney’s TOP 3 Tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

  1. Your comfort zone is holding you back – I learned that I didn’t like feeling stuck!  I felt like my life was worth so much more than that bag of chips or the 2-liter of pop I felt the need to have that day. I was meant to be a positive person in this world, not just someone rolling with the punches.
  2. Constant support – From the Dojo, home, community – support really got me through. I couldn’t have gotten through this without my coaches and my biggest supporter, my friend Maggie. I found someone to push me in and out, day after day, from sun-up to sun-down. You just have to find the people who push you to limits you didn’t know you had.
  3. Reminding myself to be proud of each step of the journey – I haven’t ran in 10+ years. When I accomplished that last month, I was so proud of myself that I had tears when I finished that last sprint. I love looking back at pictures or just looking at my previous workouts and thinking “I couldn’t do that a year ago, two years ago” or “I never imagined I would be able to do something like that” — it’s at TFW Boone that I really found who I am, not only physically but mentally I am a completely different person.

Do you struggle with some of the same things Whitney struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life!

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